Wealth Management Terms

Wealth Management and WealthTech is a constantly changing landscape. It can be hard to keep up. Our handy glossary has been designed to help you get to grips with some of the words and terms you might come across – with short, straight-forward definitions. We hope you find it useful.

Machine Learning (ML)

What is machine learning? Machine learning is a subsection of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on machines learning from algorithms, allowing them to make predictions or decisions based on data without being programmed.

Managed Services

What are managed services? Managed services is the outsourcing of specific IT or business functions to a third-party service provider. These providers take responsibility for managing and maintaining the designated services and systems on behalf of the client organisation.

Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation? Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technology specifically designed to support the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing departments. It enables marketing activity to be undertaken on several channels such as email, social media, websites and automate repetitive tasks. It can also provide both channel and aggregated results to support the optimisation of the activity.

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II)

What is MiFID II? MiFID II is a European Union (EU) regulation that governs financial markets, investment services, and trading activities to protect investors and enhance market transparency.

Mass Affluent Clients

What is a mass affluent client? Mass affluent clients are individuals who have accumulated significant investable wealth (Normally defined as over $250,000), but who are not yet HNW (High net worth) individuals.

Microsoft Dynamics

What is Microsoft Dynamics? Microsoft Dynamics is an integrated business management software solution that includes applications and modules designed to assist organisations in managing different aspects of their operations.

Middle Office

What is a middle office?  The middle office is the part of a wealth management firm or private bank that is responsible for various functions related to risk management, strategic management, commercial and compliance as well as IT management. Typically, wealth management firms refer to the teams responsible for supporting client management as front office, middle office and back office.

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

What is the Monetary Authority of Singapore? The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the central bank and financial regulatory authority of Singapore, responsible for monetary policy and financial stability.

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