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Highly customisable client lifecycle management platform leveraging Microsoft Dynamics, with both on-premise and cloud deployment options. Bespoke CLM has never been so attainable.


With WDX1, you can achieve a CLM solution truly moulded to your business, maximising internal efficiency and delivering compliance by design, whilst supporting you in developing deeper and more profitable client relationships.

Highly customisable platform leveraging Microsoft Dynamics, with on-premise or cloud deployment options​

Firms with particular unique requirements, with a preference for an initial on-premise deployment, or who are already working with Microsoft Dynamics, may prefer to use our exceptional customer WDX1 platform, which is built upon the foundation of the well-known Microsoft Power Platform.

Starting from our Wealth Management & Private Banking Templates, firms can further tailor the solution to precisely match their needs, as well as integrate this tightly to existing systems, or develop specific code within the platform. WDX1 offers firms a truly bespoke, no-compromise approach to CLM.

We work alongside your business and IT teams to ensure a complete harmony between target operating models, business processes, and technology, before working hand in hand to see our vision realised. And further, we’ll continue to work with you to ensure your solution remains one step ahead indefinitely, not just on day one.

  • Highly configurable
  • Modular approach or full-suite CLM
  • Options to deploy on-premise or in the cloud
  • Proven ability to transition from on-premise to cloud
  • Control over infrastructure
  • Control over deployment and release schedules
  • Configuration tools to allow self-service
  • Open API set and standardised loaders and exports for easy integration
  • Options for bespoke development
  • Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics and the broader Power Platform

Here’s just some of the recent results our clients have experienced

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in front-office administrative tasks
- 0 %
in onboarding time
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in prospect conversion


Achieving bespoke results intelligently

Our WDX1 solution is almost endlessly configurable, from the precise nuances of your workflows to your forms, to your business rules, your interpretation of regulations, the layout of UI/UX, and much more. Yet when we deliver WDX1 we are not starting from scratch – far
from it.

Our industry-specific templates are built on decades of experience and are informed by the solutions we have delivered to some of the most respected firms in the industry. They are designed to get you 90% toward your end goal immediately. But closing that 10% does not have to be difficult. Our optimised set of configuration tools allows us to efficiently close that last 10%, adjusting the template’s existing configuration – or extending it – until it fits just right. Why start from scratch, when there’s a more intelligent approach to attaining your desired CLM solution?

Achieving Bespoke Results Intelligently


WDX1 can be deployed as an end-to-end CLM solution for individual use cases such as client onboarding, reviews, or prospect management. But regardless of where you might start with WDX1, the modules delivered, and the scope of use cases covered can always be extended in tandem with your business strategy and service offering. When modules are designed to work great on their own but even better together, it’s hardly surprising that so many of the customers we work with see their WDX1 solution cover the full scope of the client lifecycle.


WDX1 manages large client bases with ease and can be quickly scaled as the business grows. Whether it’s due to business acquisition, expansion into new jurisdictions, or straightforward organic growth, with WDX1 firms can rest assured that whatever the future holds, we have you covered. Built on a well-known, proven, Microsoft-centric infrastructure, scaling your CLM solution has never been easier.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment

At Wealth Dynamix, we recognise that whilst the cloud may be the end goal, it is not always practical for every firm today, whether that be due to local regulation or internal policy. WDX1 offers the ideal solution – the ability to implement a forward-looking CLM solution in an on-premise fashion, with a proven migration path to the cloud at a time that suits you. And if you are already cloud-ready but looking for a no-compromises CLM solution with more control and self-ownership, WDX1 is designed for you too.  

Complete control

The WDX1 solution is designed to the level of control you are looking for – over the functional solution itself, over the way the solution is deployed, and over the way it is managed and evolves over time. However you might be set up today and you want to operate going forward, we have the right model for you. It’s all part of the flexibility offered by WDX1.

Complete Control
Ultra-Connected & Easily Extendable

Ultra-connected & easily extendable

The WDX1 platform has an extensive ecosystem of complementary third-party technologies, from core banking and portfolio management solutions to AML screening solutions, e-signatures, and much more. This rich selection of pre-integrated solutions combined with our own open APIs and file-based interfacing mechanisms, allows WDX1 to be implemented into your wider technology landscape with surprising ease and efficiency.  

Proven time & again

Our WDX1 platform is used by some of the best-recognised names in global banking. Firms with sophisticated, multi-faceted businesses sometimes span a wider number of jurisdictions. Our WDX1 platform and delivery teams have proven time and again that these sorts of challenges are the ones where we excel.

Proven Time & Again


The WDX1 CLM platform is equipped with a comprehensive set of CLM configurable capabilities, providing a complete understanding of the customer from the very first touch point, through onboarding and beyond, whilst simultaneously revolutionising the efficiency of the business in managing that customer journey.

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