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More than just a technology provider

Digital transformation takes more than just new technology – that’s why we work with you to unlock its potential and drive business benefit.


We recognise that to be leaders in wealth specific Client Lifecyle Management technology you first need to be experts in the industry.

We’re more than just a technology provider. We’re experts in the wealth management industry. That’s why we understand your business, your challenges, and your vision. That’s why, when you work with Wealth Dynamix, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible solution for your needs.

We’re passionate about helping wealth managers optimise their businesses. That’s why we’re constantly innovating and developing new solutions to help you improve your client experience, reduce costs, and stay compliant.

If you’re looking for a partner who understands the wealth management industry and is committed to helping you succeed, then Wealth Dynamix is the right choice for you.


How we build the business case for a wealth management CLM solution

Business case development

Our team of experts uses a detailed, best-practice approach to business case development. This includes a comprehensive study of how your business operates today to identify pain points, opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings, and new revenue generation. The output includes key outputs such as ROI, time to value, and total value, as well as full details of tangible and intangible benefits and costs, carefully considered over time using detailed cash flow modeling.

Target operating model

Changing target operating models can greatly help businesses improve efficiency by streamlining processes and increasing productivity. Your technology landscape and the connectivity of that landscape, as well as how your front, middle, and back office teams are organised and collaborate are all critical to delivering more streamlined business operations. We have the experience to have defined target operating models that maximise efficiency, removing administrative burden and allowing staff to focus their efforts on the value-added activities that support an improved bottom line.

Redeveloping the target operating model for a wealth management firm
Process redesign for a private bank or wealth management firm

Process redesign

Reimagine the future and unlock your true potential. It’s tempting to just review existing processes and try to digitise elements of those processes, which can lead to disappointing results. Wealth Dynamix at your side helps you to reimagine a digital-first future, amending and updating business processes to work in perfect harmony with technology. By doing so we unlock your true potential, delivering greater efficiencies without compromising on quality or service levels, ensuring your firm’s unique DNA remains intact. Our years of experience help bring best-of-breed technology, regulatory compliance, and industry best practices together to deliver transformational change.

Data flows and mastering

We’re often approached by firms who feel they are not making the most of their data. We know what it takes to do this and can help you in realising a future where your data is consistent, complete, accurate, and up to date. Additionally, we help organise data into optimised, proven logical data models, allowing you to more quickly, more easily, and more effectively leverage technologies such as AI and machine learning, whilst providing accurate and detailed insights, analytics, and reporting from which effective business decisions can be made. Our knowledge of optimised operating models, integration, and data mastering, allows us to support you in achieving these outcomes in an efficient, fully-automated fashion.

Solution architecture for private banks and wealth management firms
Consultancy Services. Providing support for training and adoption.

Training and adoption

A key element of any project is adoption. If a tool is not used or is underused, then benefits can be difficult to realise. One of the biggest impediments to a digital transformation can be the reception from the front office and middle office teams. So we don’t stop at implementation. In fact, our planning for adoption starts during requirements and configuration workshops to ensure that we take the teams that will be using the end solution have contributed directly to and invested in that solution. We will help you to manage the change process to maximise adoption and help you to realise the business benefits sooner, enabling you to scale in a frictionless manner. 

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How can wealth managers leverage data to drive relevance?

27 February 2024

How can wealth managers leverage data to drive relevance?

Throughout the client lifecycle, there is a wealth of data relationship managers can tap into to determine next best actions and build trust.

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24 February 2024

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Wealth Dynamix now available on Temenos Exchange

1 February 2024

Wealth Dynamix now available on Temenos Exchange

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