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Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions

Transform how you manage relationships with our digital-first solutions.


Our client relationship management solutions provide a digital-first 360-degree view of your prospects and clients.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are the key to enhancing client satisfaction, achieving consolidated and compliant client files, and streamlining ongoing management operations, whilst also supporting a more collaborative team-based approach to servicing your customers.

Our client relationship management solutions can be deployed to manage client, prospect, and intermediary relationships, excelling in modeling both simple relationships and complex ones such as corporate, trust, and charity clients or multi-level intermediary networks. The solutions have been designed to be more than just a standard CRM, enabling you to manage complex family and corporate relationships.


Key Capabilities

Manage complex HNW and corporate relationships

Model not just individual contacts, but broader family relationships, corporate entities and intermediaries that you manage relationships with.  Our industry-leading data model makes creating and visualising complex relationships simple, through graphical hierarchies and network insights.

Our solutions also allow us to represent a wide range of client-to-staff relationships and agreements, including multi-booking centre, multi-custodian and cross-jurisdictional relationships.

Manage complex HNW and Corporate Relationships
Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Our CRM module seamlessly integrates with your wider architecture, so you can either use our solutions as your central file or update our system automatically. This ensures consistency, quality, and accuracy and allows you to achieve and establish a single source of truth.

Communication history

Our client relationship management tools log all interactions, including emails, calls, meetings, and notes, enabling advisors to have a complete view of client engagement. Integration with Microsoft Office and other communication tools removes the need to manually file interactions, removing a significant contributor to the administrative burden whilst simultaneously improving the completeness and accuracy of interaction tracking.

Communication history
Tasks and appointment management

Task and appointment management

Automated alerts ensure users never forget a task or are left guessing as to what action to prioritise. Effective task and appointment scheduling features within role-based dashboards help everyone stay organised and ensure timely follow-ups with clients.

Access control models

Within the platform, our sophisticated access model engine ensures that you can apply appropriate restrictions for your business, from locking access to specific teams to implementing access blocks between regions or branches.

Access Control Models
Encryption and Tokenisation of Client Data

Encryption and tokenisation of client data

Our platform provides encryption proxies and enhances personally identifiable information (PII) data privacy and protection. All our solutions are capable of complying with Global regulations such as GDPR, nFADP, and more.

360-degree client view

Wealth managers can view all information collected on the client in one place, including KYC, suitability review due dates, documents, service requests, portfolios, planning and banking services, past interactions, and more. This helps them to understand the client better and provide hyper-personalised customer servicing.

Find out more about how our CRM works with our broader Advisor Dashboard capabilities here.

360-degree client view
Workflow automation free wealth manager time

Workflow automation

We automate almost every conceivable administrative management task via our workflow engine, taking the guesswork out of processes and procedures. Our capture-once-use-many-times approach to data entry reduces the administrative burden for wealth managers and other front, middle, and back-office staff.  

See more in our Client Servicing Capability summary.

Next best action recommendations

With AI-driven capabilities, the solution can detect underlying trends, sentiments, and preferences of clients, helping you to identify automatically generated next best actions. This includes alerts on opportune times to engage with clients and relevant product recommendations.

Next-best action recommendations
Cross Client, Team, Branch & Business Dashboards

Cross client, team, branch & business dashboards

Our Advisor and Management dashboards allow you to gain not just a 360-degree view of individual clients, but also a broader 360-degree view across all contacts you manage, either at an individual, team, branch, or business level. Our dynamic dashboards can be heavily personalised, and allow you to keep track of tasks and actions as well as proactive engagement alerts, such as neglected contacts.  

See more in our Advisor Dashboards capability summary.

Document management

Our CRM solutions are designed to either work natively with Microsoft SharePoint as a secured and audited document store or can be integrated into the document management solution of your choice. This removes the need for staff to access multiple systems, they can see and interact with documents as part of their cross-systems and customer 360-degree views.  Our solutions also track expiring documents – such as W-8BEN forms – and alert staff when these need to be reviewed.

Our document management capabilities also provide a library of version-controlled documents ready to be deployed on an ad-hoc basis or as part of pre-defined workflows. Documents can be populated using existing client data and electronically circulated for e-signature.

Document Management

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