Our Capabilities

Client servicing and reviews

Scale high-quality ongoing servicing of customers by adding intelligence and automation into a wide range of ongoing servicing activities. 


Consistently and efficiently execute ongoing servicing activities such as periodic reviews, whilst responding rapidly to ad-hoc customer requests.

Our sophisticated workflow engine and wide range of best-practice case-handling workflows support the revolution of a wide range of ongoing servicing activities, dramatically reducing internal overheads whilst driving levels of consistency that simultaneously reduce risk and embed exceptional levels of ongoing customer experience into the operation of the business.


KEY Capabilities

Ongoing compliance monitoring and alerts

KYC & AML monitoring & reviews

Continually monitor a wide range of risk factors in an automated fashion, covering PEPs, sanctions, adverse media, changes of circumstances, and more, with alerts and notifications automatically generated and distributed to the relevant users where closer human investigation is required.

As well as automatically monitoring these risk factors, our solution manages deeper, schedule-driven reviews of KYC and AML, fully reflecting internal policies such as frequency of review driven based upon the latest risk score or complexity score assigned to the customer. Every step of the KYC & AML review processes is systematically supported and audited.

Auto-generated servicing calendar

Automatically generated schedule of ongoing services considering regulatory obligations and business best practices. Browse immediate best actions and open tasks as well as use our calendar-based views to effectively forward plan. Our intelligent scheduling calendars are continually updated, responding to new ad hoc servicing requests as well as understanding the interconnections between different servicing events, such as an ad hoc change of circumstances that acts as a trigger for a wider review of a customer relationship.

Seamless digital client servicing
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Ongoing data & document management

Identify and address stale data and expiring documents, or new data capture or document requirements that may result from a change in customer circumstances, a change in regulations, or a change of internal policy. 

Where new documents are required from a customer, seamlessly collect these via self-service tools, auto-validate new ID&V-related documents, and auto-populate and distribute new outbound documents for e-signature.

Consumer centric monitoring & reviews

Our compliance and workflow engines enable you to support a wider range of regulatory obligations and business best practices centered on the protection of the consumer, ranging from ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews of the suitability and appropriateness of products and services to identifying and supporting vulnerable clients, to respecting and protecting the data privacy of your customers.

This is supported by a wider range of complementary capabilities from configurable KYC, risk attitude, and ESG forms, to graphical visualisation of goals and needs to the capturing of customer preferences and the tailoring of servicing based upon these preferences.

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Digital self-service & preference-driven servicing

When it comes to the ongoing servicing of the customer, our solutions have the capabilities to allow you to support the differing expectations of a wide range of customer segments and to respond to the preferences of each individual. 

Support high-touch, human-centric ongoing servicing process, and digital-first, self-service processes in parallel, all orchestrated by a single underlying CLM solution.

Click here to find out more about our digital self-service capabilities.

Seamlessly integrated interaction tracking

Our ongoing servicing workflows are seamlessly integrated with the wider interaction management & tracking capabilities of our solution. 

Automatically generate best-practice interactions associated with auto-scheduled periodic reviews, such as internal preparation meetings or meetings with the customers themselves. Additionally, automatically track ad hoc interactions such as an inbound customer phone call or instant message, and link that interaction to a related servicing case such as a change of circumstances or complaint.

Click here to find out more about our omnichannel and digital communications capabilities.

Digital self-service
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Configurable & extendable servicing

Our solutions come with a catalogue of pre-configured ongoing servicing workflow, drawing upon our extensive industry expertise and experience. 

However, we recognise each of our customer firms is unique. Our set of no-code configuration tools allows us to rapidly adjust existing workflows, business rules, and compliance rules, or to create brand new ones in response to unique customer requirements.  

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