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Elevate your prospect engagement experience

Wealth Dynamix gives you everything you need to manage
and engage with your prospects in a meaningful way.


Attracting new clients and growing wallet share takes time and money – so you want to make the most of each and every opportunity.  




See all your prospects and their stages at a glance

Advisors can easily manage all their leads and opportunities with our drag-and-drop feature and 360-degree view of prospects. See all your prospects and their stages in one place, so you can take effective, quick actions and close more deals. This automatically drives oversight dashboards, which provide visual summaries across the broader pipeline and support areas such as forecasting.

Embedded compliance and risk management
Customised financial planning for all clients

Make a great first impression with 360-degree dashboard views

Get a complete view of your prospects with our 360-degree prospect view. Easily digestible diagrams and relevant alerts give advisors a deeper understanding of the prospect so they can provide a hyper-personalised service and make a great first impression.

Ensure data accuracy with dynamic forms and logic-driven workflows

Our dynamic forms intelligently generate the right fields for each client type, ensuring that you quickly collect the correct information. They also cover multiple different client types, from individuals to charities, trusts, and companies. This, along with our dynamic workflows and next-step alerts, provides an intuitive and easy process for wealth managers to convert prospects into clients.

Streamlined communication
Track all interactions with a Wealth Dynamix prospect module

Log and track all interactions

Our early-stage data capture capabilities ensure that all interactions, notes, and know-your-prospect details are logged and tracked. This data can then be reused for other parts of the client journey, such as onboarding or client management, which prevents the need to re-key data and reduces manual errors, and makes processes much more efficient than before.

Integrated marketing dashboards

Our real-time dashboards give wealth managers, product managers, and marketing teams a single view of all product nurturing and marketing campaigns. This allows them to coordinate their efforts and track the results of their campaigns in real-time, ensuring the effectiveness of these strategies.

The wealth management digital onboarding journey - What does ‘good’ really look like
Onboarding, reviews and more

Insight generation tools

Get to know your prospects like never before. Our AI-driven insight generation tools help wealth managers gain a deeper understanding of their prospects and provide hyper-personalised service. The tools detect underlying trends, individual preferences, and prospect sentiments to identify the next best action to take.


Ensure compliance at every stage

Our engage module helps you embed your organisation’s compliance processes in the prospecting journey, including early screening, fact-find, data protection (such as the EU’s GDPR), and process-engine rules thereby ensuring that you are always compliant with regulations during your prospect process.

Improve campaign engagement with marketing automation tools

Our marketing automation tools help you target your campaigns more effectively by tagging and segmenting prospects based on their interests leading to more relevant engagements and higher response rates.

Choose the right channel for each client

Engage with prospects on their preferred channels, such as online chat, video calls, or co-browsing.
Our omni-channel solution makes it easy to choose the most productive and preferred channel for each client.

Embed AML screening as part of your prospect process

Wealth Dynamix connects with leading AML providers to automatically screen prospects (both individuals and legal entities such as companies and trusts) so that potential compliance issues can be identified early.

Seamless integration with banking and intermediary portals

Our prospect engagement module seamlessly integrates with your banking and intermediary management portals, so you can manage all your leads from a single solution.
This ensures consistency, quality, and accuracy in your pipeline, as well as compliance.

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Wealth Dynamix and Oxford Risk forge strategic partnership to revolutionise client engagement with behavioural science

29 May 2024

Wealth Dynamix and Oxford Risk forge strategic partnership to revolutionise client engagement with behavioural science

Wealth Dynamix, a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions for wealth managers, today announced a strategic partnership with Oxford Risk, experts in behavioural finance and financial well-being.

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Scaling for the future: strategies for the evolving Wealth Management landscape

23 May 2024

Scaling for the future: strategies for the evolving Wealth Management landscape

Hubbis recently hosted the Wealth Management Forum in Malaysia focusing on the trends, opportunities, and challenges for the industry.

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Achieving profitability at scale: the potential for AI

17 April 2024

Achieving profitability at scale: the potential for AI

We delve into the use of AI technology in wealth management. Far from belonging to a far-distant future, it is here and growing more intelligent by the day.

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