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Digital self-service

Removing friction from the customer experience across the life-cycle through the use of digital tools designed to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s clients.


Our digital self-service capabilities allow customers to update personal details, complete questionnaires and securely exchange and sign documents on any device at any time. Simultaneously enhance your client experience whilst delivering considerable cost savings and time efficiencies.



Onboarding, reviews and more

Onboarding, reviews and more

Our self-service solutions cover a range of use cases, from onboarding to periodic reviews, change of circumstances, customer servicing requests and more. Powered by a single underlying CLM technology set, our self-service solutions provide a consistent, cohesive experience to the customer across their full journey. The entire self-service experience can be fully white-labeled to reflect your firm’s branding and positioning – colours, visual imagery, tone of voice and more. 

Find out more about how our solutions go beyond basic CRM and accelerate client Onboarding.

Secure registration and authentication

Auto-generate invitations to self-service capabilities and allow customers to register in minutes, whilst providing a range of best practice two-factor authentication (2FA) options for login.

Secure registration
Cross device support

Cross-device support

Our self-service solutions cover a range of devices, from mobile to desktop & tablet, with the option to move seamlessly between devices at the convenience and preference of the customer.

Omni-channel engagement

Our customer service solutions provide the ability to digitally interact with the firm remotely, with embedded audio calls, video conferences, screen-sharing, and more. Intelligent routing can automatically direct the customer to their relationship manager or the specialist who is most likely to be able to assist. Out of hours, intelligent guidance can be delivered conversationally. All touch points via these digital channels are automatically tracked back into the underlying CLM solution and visible as part of the client 360-degree view. 

Omnichannel engagement
Intelligent data capture

Intelligent data capture

Our no-code form configuration allows all your forms to be quickly and easily reflected in self-service solutions. Intelligent data capture forms understand exactly what data needs to be captured from the customer in a given scenario, ensuring all firm policies and procedures are complied with by default, whilst also providing a streamlined customer experience by minimising their data input and update requirements. We also validate the data that is provided on input, minimising the risk of error, but also ensuring the coherency of the data entered with the wider data set provided.

Intelligent document checklists

Our intelligent document checklists understand exactly what documents need to be collected, updated, or signed by an end customer in a wide range of scenarios. We can even automatically validate the authenticity of documents provided – a passport, identity card, or driving license for example. All documents are automatically stored back in the underlying CLM document repository, whilst also remaining available to the customer within their self-service experience.

Intelligent document checklists
Our self-service solutions are seamlessly integrated into the underlying CLM platform

Seamless integration

Our self-service solutions are seamlessly integrated into the underlying CLM platform, with two-way real-time communication between the two layers. Additionally, the innovative design of our solution controls both the customer-facing experience and the internal CLM solution from a single set of shared no-code configuration, ensuring the two layers always perfectly synchronise in harmony, maximising the efficiency and ease of both initial delivery and ongoing evolution of the firm’s solution.

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