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Servicing mass affluent segments

Unlock the ability to manage mass affluent segments via digital-first, customised servicing models.


Servicing mass affluent segments can present an opportunity for wealth management firms to grow – but only if they are able to deliver true client value in a cost-effective manner.

Firms need to be able to provide a level of personalised service while managing them at scale, without adding significant client servicing costs if the benefits are to be realised. By tailoring strategies and services accordingly, firms can have the opportunity to give exceptional and relevant wealth management solutions for these segments and provide a new and profitable revenue stream.

Here’s just some of the recent results our clients have experienced

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Intelligent and comprehensive client profiling and segmentation

Wealth Dynamix solutions allow wealth managers to create detailed profiles of each client – including their financial goals, risk tolerance, investment preferences, family situation, and more.
By segmenting clients based on their profiles, wealth managers can provide more personalised advice and services to clients at scale, catering to each client’s unique needs while ensuring processes remain efficient.

Relationship manager working on client profiling
Servicing mass affluent clients_Personalised comms

Personalised communications

With our client lifecycle management solutions, wealth managers can track client interactions and preferences. This enables communication via preferred channels with targeted messages that are relevant to their financial situations and interests. 


Personalised communication enhances engagement and demonstrates the wealth manager’s understanding of the client’s needs.

Efficient data management enhances insights

At the heart of our solution design is a centralised data source including personal information, risk profiles and due diligence, all documents, and communication history.

This makes it easier for advisors to access up-to-date information and make informed decisions during client interactions – or when triggering tasks and product recommendations based on insights vastly reducing the risk of missed opportunities.

Servicing mass affluent clients_Insights
Servicing mass affluent clients_Workflow automation

Task and workflow automation for advisors

Our CRM system automates routine tasks and workflows, such as scheduling follow-up calls, sending account statements, or tracking document requests.

Automating these processes frees up time for advisors, allowing them to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

Customised financial planning for all clients

Our solutions integrate with financial planning tools enabling advisors to create customised financial plans for mass affluent clients.

These plans can consider the client’s goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation, helping them make informed decisions about investments, retirement, tax planning, and more.

Servicing mass affluent clients-customised financial planning
Servicing Mass Affluent Clients_event tracking

Never miss an event with opportunity tracking

Our solutions include the ability to collect deep data for every client and alert advisors to important events in clients’ lives, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or significant financial milestones. 


This presents opportunities to reach out, strengthen the client relationship, and offer relevant services via appropriate communication channels – and at scale.

Embedded compliance and risk management

Embedded compliance means that advisors can go about developing new business opportunities knowing that compliance is being managed, monitored, and audited on an ongoing basis.

Potential risks will be flagged and automated workflows provide recommended adjustments to mitigate them.

Servicing mass affluent clients_embedded compliance
Servicing mass affluent clients_cross-selling

Timely and relevant cross selling and upselling

By having a comprehensive view of each client’s financial situation, we can set triggers to suggest relevant products and services that align with their needs and goals.

This can lead to cross-selling and upselling opportunities that benefit both the client and the wealth management firm.

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