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Documents and contracts

Manage your client documents in a secure and centralised manner, creating an easy to use and fully consolidated client file.


Our solutions incorporate comprehensive document management capabilities throughout all stages of a client lifecycle.  



Document indexing, organisation, and version-controlling

Intelligent document categorisation

Our document solutions are able to determine exactly what documents are required in a given scenario, allowing us to automatically categorise and ‘tag’ documents received or distributed, making it easy to find exactly the document you are looking for, whether searching within a particular customers document file or more widely. Combined with a wide range of filtering options, our solutions make it quicker than ever to respond to customer, internal or regulatory-related document requests.

Document storage integration

We can either deliver a fully compliant document storage system or integrate seamlessly to your existing document storage system. Our solutions seamlessly add new documents into and retrieve documents from the underlying document storage solution, either in the context of managed workflows such as onboarding or reviews, or simply when browsing documents via customer 360 degree view.

Improved client experience and retention
Digital Document collection for wealth management firms and private banks

Remote document collection

Customers can securely upload necessary identification, source of wealth, legal documents and more via digital self-servicing solutions, reducing friction from processes such as onboarding, new account openings and changes of circumstance.

Find out more about our Digital Self-Service capabilities here

Version control & expiry management

Not only are documents categorised and indexed for easy access – they are version-controlled too, so everyone is using the most up-to-date, legally compliant version.  

Document owners receive automated alerts and notifications of document expiration, renewals, or other critical milestones to ensure that the documents are always maintained and refreshed.  

Secure and compliant documents and contracts
Wealth Dynamix eliminates the need for physical signatures

E-signatures and digital contracts

Our e-signature solutions eliminate the need for physical signatures and all the associated inconvenience and cost of printing and postage, dramatically accelerating the efficiency of processes such as onboarding and reviews, whilst simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Additionally, because our e-signature solutions are seamlessly integrated into our process orchestration, compliance and business rules engines, we can reduce risk and drive additional consistency by automating complex decisions such  as understanding which of the parties connected to a given client record are legally authorised to provide signature on a given type of document.

Secure client document vault

We offer clients the ability to access their documents and contracts through a secure online portal where they can retrieve documents at their convenience, ranging from documents provided to the firm – such as identification documents or proof of address – to documents generated by the firm and distributed to the customer, such as contractual agreements, contract notes, periodic valuation reports, tax packs and more.

Secure Client Access Vault
A rules-based approach is used for ID&V documents, SOW corroboration, UBO corroboration, legal entity incorporation specific documentation

Dynamic document checklists

Our dynamic document checklist provide a rules-based approach to document capture, distribution and signature as part of wider controlled processes. This approach ensure regulatory requirements and best practice policies are consistently applied across a full set of client lifecycle related processes, from onboarding, to reviews, changes of circumstances, complaints handling and more. The sophistication of the solution allows even the most complex scenarios to be covered, with support for a full range of client types and document types.

Document pre-population

Our solutions allow a full range of multi-lingual document templates to be automatically pre-populated, simultaneously driving efficiency gains whilst eliminating the risk of manual population error. 

Documents and contracts can be pre-populated in a Wealth Dynamix CRM
Wealth Dynamix manages documents and contracts with ease

Audit trail and compliance reporting

To demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and to provide complete transparency during an audit, our solutions maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all document-related activities including document provision, generation, population, distribution and e-signature.

Security and data privacy

Our solutions use state of the art encryption to protect documents at rest and in transit. This encryption capability combined with 2FA controlled authentication and the principle of least privilege, provides complete comfort around document security, ensuring access is limited only to the intended authorised individuals.

Click here to find out how to effortlessly manage customer data across the entire client lifecycle.

Security and data privacy are paramount when managing documentation in wealth management

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