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A revolutionary, quick start, SaaS-based Client Lifecycle Management product utilising leading cloud technologies with embedded best practices, configurable workflows and built-in integrations to allow rapid adoption.


With CLMi, your business can adopt a class-leading, proven CLM solution and begin realising the benefits now. It’s never been so quick and easy to start the transformation of your customer experience and internal operations.

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A revolutionary, quick start, SaaS-based CLM product utilising leading cloud technologies

Our CLMi solution is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, providing a cost-effective Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution for firms without significant internal IT staff, or for those looking for rapid deployment of an out-of-the-box solution still specific to the wealth management sector.

Built using state-of-the-art cloud technologies and a mobile-first interface, the CLMi solution provides a zero-hassle approach to obtaining a proven, class-leading, continually evolving CLM solution equipped with banking-grade security. Like all Wealth Dynamix CLM solutions, CLMi is designed to be modular, so we can address your most urgent needs first and deliver you tangible business value in the shortest possible timeframe.

Here’s just some of the recent results our clients have experienced

- 0 %
in front-office administrative tasks
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in onboarding time
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in prospect conversion


Rapid deployment

Our digital-first, fast-to-adopt SaaS product comes ready to go, informed by best practices and our extensive industry experience. But being ready to go does not mean that the nuances of different businesses cannot be reflected. We understand that different businesses have different data capture needs, different documents, different team setups, and business structures. A focused set of tools designed for rapid delivery allows our customer success team to adjust these elements of the system to your business needs in no time at all. And that’s it, we don’t need to touch anything else – CLMi just works.

Rapid deployment
Modular approach


Whether you are looking for a solution to a particular problem, one part of the client lifecycle, or a comprehensive solution covering everything from your initial touchpoint with a prospect, through onboarding and beyond, CLMi can support you. Our wide range of modular and feature-level flags allows us to quickly and easily size the initial delivery to meet your needs, turning on additional capacities as required. If you are looking for a no-hassle CLM solution whose scope that can be adjusted as your business evolves, CLMi provides the answer.

Highly cost effective

CLMi has been designed to bring class-leading CLM to wealth management firms of all shapes and sizes. That means CLMi has to be cost-effective. With no upfront infrastructure costs, rapid deployment, and a single ongoing fee covering the software itself, the infrastructure, storage, monitoring, support, security, ongoing releases, access to CLMi’s Open APIs, and more, CLMi offers class-leading CLM for a remarkably low total cost of ownership. Convenience doesn’t always have to cost more.

Highly Cost Effective
Continually Evolving

Continually evolving

At Wealth Dynamix, we are continually evolving our solutions to make them the very best they can be and to ensure they remain at the leading edge of CLM. Our close relationships with clients, consultants, and partners, combined with our own research function ensure we hear first of any new industry or technology trends, new or changing regulations and the impact that can have on customer wants and needs. Our product development teams are continually evolving our solutions in response. With CLMi’s SaaS architecture, we are able to offer a solution that can deliver you new and improved capabilities at a high frequency, with absolutely minimised overheads. Staying one step ahead has never been so easy.

Ultra-connected & easily extendable

The CLMi solution offers a wide range of connectors, from core banking systems, portfolio management systems, and custodial platform offerings, to AML screening, e-signatures, and much more. CLMi’s well-documented open APIs allow customer firms or authorised third parties to make additional connections in a self-service fashion or, if preferred, let our highly experienced professional services team progress any bespoke integrations on your behalf, allowing you to stay completely focused on managing your customers and day to day business operations.

Ultra-Connected & Easily Extendable
Safe & Secure

Safe & secure

At Wealth Dynamix we understand the importance of keeping your client data secure, which is one of the many reasons we are proud to be a trusted provider of many of the industry’s best-known firms. With CLMi, the seriousness with which we take the protection of your customer data and the continuity of our service is reflected not just in our use of Microsoft’s Azure data centres, but in the wider selection of technologies leveraged by CLMi.

Combined with best-practice disaster recovery solutions and sophisticated encryption, you can rest assured that CLMi leaves your customer data and your business in exceptionally safe hands.


The CLMi product is equipped with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box CLM capabilities, providing a complete understanding of the customer from the very first touch point, through onboarding and beyond, whilst simultaneously revolutionising the efficiency of the business in managing that customer journey.

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