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Do more with a holistic Client Lifecycle Management platform

A client lifecycle management solution does more than even
the best
client relationship management solution.


Seamlessly engage, onboard and manage clients using either our end-to-end holistic Client Lifecyle Management (CLM) solutions, or modular capabilities around prospecting, CRM, Digital On-boarding and more.


Our Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions help firms across the whole client lifecycle, from the initial introduction of a new prospect and the engagement with them, through to same-day onboarding and then finally the ongoing and pro-active management of their relationship as a client.

All this within a single holistic workflow and 360-degree view, increasing productivity across the front and middle office, driving enhanced client satisfaction all while remaining compliant.


Attract new clients and increase conversion rates by maximising prospect engagement, effectively nurturing leads and tracking pipeline.


Simplify and shorten onboarding by automating manual processes and executing all relevant compliance work digitally.


Gain a 360-degree client view within a single advisor workspace for fast and effective management of ongoing client relationships.

Manage Onboard Engage


While CRM systems focus on front-office activities, good CLM systems recognise that the client lifecycle involves complex processes and collaboration among various departments.

What CLM offers wealth managers is a broader and deeper capability to support the entire client journey, including onboarding, managing, servicing, and re-engaging clients. By capturing every data point and touchpoint in a client’s journey, CLM creates a 360-degree view of the client lifecycle, enabling actionable insights into client preferences and empowering advisors to make timely recommendations. Invaluable for wealth managers, much better outcomes for clients.

Here’s just some of the recent results our clients have experienced

- 0 %
in front-office administrative tasks
- 0 %
in onboarding time
+ 0 %
in prospect conversion


Wealth management firms

Discretionary fund managers

Private banks

Asset managers

Multi-family offices


Several factors combine to make the use of a consolidated CLM attractive – from the ’collect once, use many times’ approach to data that makes rekeying a thing of the past, to the use of integrated digital channels such as e-signatures that are fully integrated into your client views.


CLM solutions provide a 360-degree view of every client

360-degree view of each client

With a 360-degree view of your clients, we give advisors the power to provide hyper-personalised service. We collect data from all touchpoints to create a complete picture of each client, so advisors can deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, and reduced churn.

Deeper client insights

We use AI and machine learning to provide deep insights into your clients, so you can make better decisions. We analyse real-time data and visualise trends into client sentiment to help you recommend the right products and services.

Capture once use many approach
CLM platforms enable seamless collaboration throughout wealth management firms

Collaborate seamlessly and save time

Our solutions give everyone in the firm, from front-line advisors to back-office staff, their own role-based dashboards with relevant data and alerts. This ensures that everyone has the information they need to do their job effectively. By using a single platform, everyone in the firm can collaborate seamlessly. This can lead to significant efficiency gains, as teams no longer have to waste time duplicating work or trying to find information that is stored in different systems.

Embedded compliance in a single solution

Our sophisticated workflow engine integrates your policies and regulations into your processes, reducing errors and manual tasks. Every interaction on every channel is tracked providing a full audit trail to evidence regulatory compliance – or to flag risks that require prompt mitigation. 

CLM solutions provide embedded compliance for wealth managers
Prioritisation and next best actions

Fully digital logic-driven workflows

Our end-to-end digital workflow capability eliminates friction from onerous processes while parallel processing increases efficiency. Check lists, document templates with pre-population and digital signature capabilities make handling even the most complex processes simple.

Digital-first, omni-channel servicing

Our solution is ‘digital-first’ and includes features that appeal to the new generation of digitally-savvy, high-net-worth clients, such as real-time messaging, video, voice, and collaboration tools. This allows advisors to interact with their HNW clients via their preferred channels from anywhere and at any time – all within a secure environment.

Client lifecycle management solutions provide digital first client engagement


Because every firm is different, we’ve built our solutions to tackle any element of the client lifecycle management – or all of them. Both solutions offer the full range of CRM, CLM and Onboarding capabilities, but provide flexibility in both where and how the solution is deployed into a firm.

Quick start, SaaS CLM product

Our CLMi solution is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, providing a cost-effective CLM solution for firms without significant internal IT staff, or for those looking for rapid deployment with an out-of-the-box solution still specific to the wealth management sector.

WDX1 logo colour png

Highly customisable CLM platform

Firms with particularly unique requirements, with a preference for an initial on-premise deployment, or who are already working with Microsoft Dynamics may prefer to use our exceptionally customisable WDX1 solution, which is built upon the foundation of the well-known Microsoft Power Platform. 


Our solutions are successful because they are designed to directly address the challenges faced by firms. They are the result of our deep domain experience and, most importantly, a global network of leading wealth managers whom we can call our clients.

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