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Advisor dashboards and workstations

Advisor workstations and management dashboards provide a single place to manage wealth management clients, delivering intelligent insights and prioritised actions.


Our range of dashboards provide management and teams all the information they need to view and manage their book of clients and the broader business.



Integrated product and portfolio views for wealth managers

Integrated portfolio and product views

Using a range of pre-built integrations, and connectivity options you can bring in broader information relating to your client’s portfolios and products, including:

  • Portfolio overview – Provides an at-a-glance breakdown of holdings, performances, allocations and more.
  • Overall client wealth view – Review the total sum of both banking and investment products held with your firm, as well as ‘held-away’ assets the client has with other institutions.
  • Banking – Review banking products from day-to-day to saving accounts, alongside transactional information.
  • Credit – Understand credit facilities from mortgages to Lombard lending, including repayments, outstanding amounts, and remaining drawdown.
  • Protection – Protection products held by the client, and key policy information.

360-degree client view

Wealth managers can view all information collected on the client in one place, including KYC, suitability review due dates, documents, service requests, portfolios, planning and banking services, past interactions, and more. This helps them to understand the client better and provide a more hyper-personalised service.

360-degree client views for wealth advisors
Modular approach

Management dashboards

Our solutions come with a range of management-level dashboards, from practice management to branch oversight, from compliance to operations. Each can be fully adapted to reflect your key KPIs, metrics, and alerts, and integrated with our Hierarchy and Access Control models to ensure only pertinent data is shown. 

Within these highly tailored screens, management staff can gain new insights into their business areas, turning raw data into actionable insights.

Advisor dashboards

Each advisor has their own personalised dashboard. These role-based dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of all relevant information across their whole client book in a single location. No more logging into different systems to gather information and piece it together offline. New actions, alerts, outstanding tasks and upcoming activities are highlighted – whether advisor, prospect, client, or team generated.

Our advisor dashboards give you back time, with teams no longer having to waste time duplicating work or trying to find information that is stored in different systems.

Management Dashboards for wealth management and private banks
360 degree view via a single solution

Personalisation and configurability

Our Dashboards and 360-degree views can be configured to meet your business needs, from embedding your own systems and components, to adding your branding and adapting to your terminology. Our solutions are additionally multi-lingual and multi-currency, ensuring staff are able to use our dashboards in any region.

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27 February 2024

How can wealth managers leverage data to drive relevance?

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1 February 2024

Wealth Dynamix now available on Temenos Exchange

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