Video: Client Lifecycle Management for Wealth Managers, transforming your technology and teams

Each instrument in an orchestra has its own part to play in creating an awesome musical experience. Each has its own music sheet dictating what key to play in, when it should play and at what speed. Each is a vital team member. They know their role and they perform it perfectly. They deliver value to the orchestra, from the opening bar to the very last chord.

So, what does this have to do with wealth management and technology?

It has everything to do with your teams and your technology: how they come together to manage the full client lifecycle from start to finish. Each performance comes alive when everyone plays together, in harmony. But what happens when they don’t? The result is disorganised and messy.

Meet Dominic, our conductor. Dominic’s mission is to optimise our musical experience. With strong direction, and a tap of his baton, Dominic brings the instruments together to create a harmonious orchestra, with beautiful results.

Orchestrating client lifecycle management isn’t easy. Clients don’t know or care how it happens. They just want great client service, from the first interaction to onboarding and beyond.

Are your client lifecycle management processes unified?

Are they tightly integrated or are they misaligned?

Join Dominic in our webinar on May 13, 2020 to learn how quick and easy it is to delight both clients and advisors with client lifecycle management processes that are fully aligned in to one orchestra.

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Wealth Dynamix delivers Client Lifecycle Management solutions to the world’s leading private banks and wealth and asset management firms.


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