Wealth Dynamix partners with Unblu putting clients at the centre of digital strategy

We have partnered with Unblu to integrate our secured conversational multi-channel platform to our Client Lifecycle Management solutions offering new ways of engaging with HNW end-clients.


London, 26 May 2022. Wealth Dynamix today announces they have partnered with Unblu to integrate their secured conversational multi-channel platform to Wealth Dynamix Client Lifecycle Management solutions offering new ways of engaging with High Net Worth end-clients.

During the client prospecting, onboarding or every day life processes, customers will be able to receive real time advice through Unblu’s messaging, video, voice, and collaboration tools. Unblu allows the advisor to accompany the client digitally during the whole client life cycle. This partnership means wealth managers are now able to use their client 360 dashboards to interact with their HNW clients via their preferred channel in real time – exchanging information and documents all within a secure CLM environment.

As the only end-to-end CLM provider for Wealth Managers, Wealth Dynamix takes CLM to unchartered territories. The Wealth Dynamix and selected partners solutions add intelligence to client data. This empowers advisors to make the right recommendations at the right time, identify opportunities to grow revenue and boost operating efficiencies, all while ensuring regulatory adherence.

Gary Linieres, CEO and Co-founder of Wealth Dynamix said: “This partnership with Unblu is perfect for us because Wealth Dynamix makes available to advisors, all the information about a particular client, and Unblu provides the necessary communication and collaboration tools to have a secured and real-time digital relationship between client and advisor. Like Luc and his team at Unblu, we have that same vision that clients need to be at the heart of any digital strategy and this partnership will considerably improve communications and right-in time advice for the wealth management sector.”

Founded in 2012 by wealth management technology experts Gary Linieres and Brent Randall, Wealth Dynamix are the first wealth management technology firm to revolutionise the Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) processes with innovative applications. Wealth Dynamix digitises the entire client lifecycle for private banks and wealth managers, from client acquisition and onboarding through to ongoing relationship management and client servicing. Wealth Dynamix identifies opportunities for boosting operating efficiencies and growing revenue, whilst enabling a significantly higher degree of client insight and due diligence. Wealth Dynamix operates globally with offices in the UK, France, Switzerland, Singapore, United States of America, Lithuania and Vietnam.

Luc Haldimann, CEO of Unblu said: “Our partnership with Wealth Dynamix is very positive for the sector. The combination of both offerings provides a unique solution for wealth management institutions. The synergy between Wealth Dynamix CLM solutions and Unblu’s conversational banking capabilities offers a unique and differentiated experience, putting the client at the centre of digital strategy”.

Established in Basel in 2008, Unblu exclusively targets the digital customer engagement and collaboration needs of the financial services industry. Unblu helps the world’s leading wealth management firms deliver an in-person experience online. The platform aids the role of advisors to interact and educate clients collaboratively through an ongoing digital conversation that is as efficient and convenient as it is secure and compliant.

Joanne Donoghue, Chief Marketing Officer, Wealth Dynamix, [email protected]
Rebecca Annable, Lansons, 02075669731 or [email protected]


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