Lead and Pipeline Management

Empower sales, marketing and relationship managers to handle leads, prospects and pipelines in a proactive and responsive way with our CLM solutions


How can wealth managers transform lead nurturing into a well-oiled machine that boosts bid-to-win ratios?

Failure to convert prospects into clients is costly. Even small increases in bid-to-win ratios can reap substantial returns, yet efforts to improve are usually hindered by manual processes that are slow, costly and ineffective.

Without a systematic, digitised approach to handling leads from a variety of channels—including websites, social networking, in-person events and referrals— there is no single place to go, to view digital interactions alongside person-to-person activity. As a result, your ability to drive consistency, quality, accurate forecasting and compliance is compromised.

Marketing automation is only part of the answer. If you can’t extract signals from conversations with relationship managers, and marry them with CRM and marketing automation tags that drive lead nurturing processes, buying cues can be missed and prospects may receive irrelevant communications.

Lead pipeline management


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