KYC Compliance and Due Diligence

Fast track KYC checks and due diligence, eliminate duplicate data entry and cut compliance costs with our CLM solutions


How can wealth managers cut the length and expense of KYC checks without compromising compliance?

Getting the balance right between fully satisfying KYC compliance requirements and diligently checking every individual or account in depth—at great expense—can be challenging.

With few systematic controls and insights to help prioritise high risk prospects early in the sales process, vast amounts of time and money can be spent deepening engagement with individuals who are unlikely to pass due diligence checks.

Capturing data for KYC checks and actioning updates quickly involves endless paper form-filling and re-keying of the same data into multiple due diligence systems. Manual KYC processes are inefficient and often impractical for everyone, especially when working remotely.

Risk changes daily, for both new prospects and existing clients. Incorrect, incomplete and stale data can severely impact the reliability of your screening and put your business at risk.

Wealth management client due diligence


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