CRM vs CLM in Wealth Management

Deliver the ability to engage, onboard and manage new and existing clients in a fully orchestrated and connected way with our CLM solutions


Enabling wealth managers to orchestrate each stage of the client lifecycle into one well-oiled, integrated process that delivers full visibility and data-driven insights

Failure to engage, onboard and manage client relationships in a holistic and integrated manner create process inefficiencies and labour-intensive compliance work, prevent client data from being leveraged throughout the entire client lifecycle and obscure visibility. These frustrations can result in poor performance and service, stunted growth and loss of both clients and advisors.

Wealth Dynamix provides the technology and tools to engage, onboard and manage clients in a fully orchestrated, interconnected and compliant way. Advisors have a 360-degree view of every client’s journey, and their entire client book, via role-specific dashboards. Fully-automated processes empower relationship managers to spend more time on profitable work than administration. Data captured throughout the client lifecycle is automatically analysed to identify trends and generate intelligent insights that advisors can act upon, to maximise AUM.

How is CLM Different to CRM?

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With client lifecycle management (CLM), the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts, and consistency throughout the client journey is key. Our CLM platform provides an orchestration layer that sits above your CRM, harmonising all phases of the client lifecycle and providing all individuals and departments with access to a consolidated view of all client data, activity and actions.

While your CRM ensures the data you capture throughout the client lifecycle can support demographic segmentation and personalisation, it is your CLM that adds intelligence and insights to that data, which delivers added relevance for clients and enables advisors to make the right recommendations at the right time. Your CLM also ensures that CRM data is re-used throughout the client lifecycle to shorten processing times, reduce duplication and increase client satisfaction.

Wealth Dynamix orchestrates all stages of the client lifecycle

Across the full client lifecycle we bring together all siloed processes, teams and departments into an
interconnected, collaborative and productive whole


What’s involved


What’s involved


What’s involved


What’s involved


What’s involved

Who benefits from a CLM solution?

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