eBook: Building an Effective Business Case for WealthTech CLM – 6 Steps to Success

Developing any business case brings challenges, however developing one that potentially impacts all business departments at every stage of the customer lifecycle presents one of the more complex tasks that a wealth management business will undertake.

With over a decade of experience supporting private banks and wealth management firms develop their business case for WealthTech transformation we’ve discovered that there are many unique undertakings associated with building an effective business case across the client lifecycle.

Adopting the right methodology is important because the business case process is speeding up. 

Our Six Steps to Success eBook walks you through the business case process logically, from gaining strategic alignment across your organisation to identifying the core obstacles and scoping benefits accurately:

  • Step 1 – Defining and prioritising outcomes
  • Step 2 – Understanding challenges
  • Step 3 – Identifying actions
  • Step 4 – Estimating benefits
  • Step 5 – Estimating costs
  • Step 6 – Production & review of full output

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