Whitepaper: Defining Onboarding

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Discover our latest Whitepaper to unpack the onboarding challenges and find out how technology can deliver an improved experience for all involved.

Onboarding is the perfect opportunity to provide a new client with a first-class experience, but it feels like an exceedingly protracted and purely transactional data-gathering exercise for many. In fact, according to Compeer research, in over two-thirds of instances, it takes at least an entire working week to onboard a client. And a 2020 Capco survey across wealth management firms identified that 30% of respondents viewed their onboarding experience as unsatisfactory – an unenviable stat in anyone’s book.

If this sounds all-too-familiar, our latest Whitepaper is for you. A must-read for banks or wealth management firms seeking to optimise this process for greater efficiency and differentiation and improved compliance, our Whitepaper offers a candid look at the pitfalls and the opportunities represented by the onboarding process.

Get it right, and you set the relationship on the right footing. Get it wrong, and you’ve potentially lost your client’s confidence.

In summary, the Defining Onboarding whitepaper:

  • Investigates the process of onboarding and why you should view it as more than KYC, data capture and satisfying the regulators
  • Explains why onboarding matters to the wealth management firm and the end investor
  • Seeks to establish what the end-to-end onboarding journey currently looks like
  • Explores what onboarding should look like for both the client and the wealth management firm (including where technology fits into the process)
  • Considers the key reasons why the implementation of onboarding software can fail

Tapping into subject matter experts

The paper draws on in-depth research commissioned by Wealth Dynamix and other empirical studies to highlight the widespread dissatisfaction among investors concerning their onboarding experiences. The result? A roadmap for business owners to strengthen client relationships. Get your copy today to unpick your existing onboarding journey and improve it for the benefit of clients and wealth managers alike.

Download your copy of the Defining Onboarding whitepaper.

Source: ‘Enhancing the adviser-client relationship with technology’ Highlights from a virtual roundtable with Swiss private banking & wealth management executives, 2020.

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