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Maximising Client Relationship Manager productivity with a CLM system

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Creating a one-stop, data-driven digital workstation for wealth management firms to efficiently overcome friction in their Client Lifecycle Management.

The challenge

Many private banks and wealth management firms are to face similar challenges:

  • Evolving their customer understanding and the breath and quality of services delivered in order to meet ever-increasing client expectations.
  • Inefficient processes and poorly connected systems necessitating repetitive manual steps or workarounds.
  • Evolving their CLM software capabilities to address the above challenges in a timely and cost-efficient fashion, where the collective CLM capabilities are provided.


When a Tier 1, internationally renowned, French-headquartered wealth management firm (and with operations in ten other locations worldwide), contacted Wealth Dynamix with exactly these difficulties, we were confident we had the solution to address them.

Workstation for wealth management firms

The solution

Wealth Dynamix provided a comprehensive, industry-specific wealth management software solution to orchestrate the entire client lifecycle, from intelligence-driven pipeline prioritisation and prospect management to automated digital onboarding, and revolutionised ongoing servicing process, covering everything from reviews to changes of addresses, changes of tax status and more. Particular effort was taken during the design stage to ensure that the workflows configured would meet the needs of 9 different deployment locations all over the globe, establishing a common shared core configuration with the ability to cater for local nuances within a smaller set of location-specific configurations.

The solution also enabled greater personalisation of the services delivered, offering advisors a comprehensive understanding of each client via rich, fully integrated 360-degree views, complemented by extensive cross-client base insights and analytics.

A continuous improvement program was established to allow Wealth Dynamix to efficiently deliver new functionality into the solution or to improve existing functional and technical capabilities, considering direct feedback from the users and the firm’s own innovation team who work in close combination with the Wealth Dynamix product and R&D teams.

The outcome

One single source of truth

The delivery of a single CLM platform through which the creation and change of customer data is carefully orchestrated provided a single source of the truth, with the integration layer and data mastering allowing seamless transfer of this complete and accurate data through to other downstream systems.


Major improvements in business efficiency

The introduction of dynamic workflows with a heavy emphasis on intelligence and automation saw a major reduction in the business time spent on a wide range of processes, with reductions averaging circa 70%. This not only enabled the business to scale without comparative staff base increases, but also enabled existing staff to refocus their time away from admin onto value-added activities to help support initiatives of improved customer satisfaction, retention and wallet share.

Reduction in elapsed onboarding times

The introduction of a fully-orchestrated onboarding workflow with self-service digital options enabled a reduction in elapsed onboarding times from near an industry average of 14 days to same day; an over 90% reduction.

Continuous improvement

Four releases per annum, continuously uplifting the solution to deliver greater value; new or improved features and capabilities, improved UI and UX, new integrations, further optimisation of process efficiency and more. 

The use of an extensive automated testing solution and automated deployment technologies allowed the programme to be delivered with minimal business overheads and minimised risk.

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