Advisor Workstation

Automated, paperless and omnichannel client management minimising manual administration, delivering intelligent insights, hyper personalisation and a premium client service


How can wealth managers equip advisors to maximise revenues and optimise client service?

Advisors are frustrated. Most still manage client relationships manually, set priorities and monitor actions on emails, spreadsheets and notebooks, and use numerous systems to access documents and siloed data. With little integration between systems, numerous logins and no consolidated view of each client relationship, determining next best actions and evaluating performance is exceptionally challenging.

Essential tasks can take days or weeks to complete – and even then the output may be inaccurate or missing critical compliance data. Instead of spending the majority of their time on reactive tasks and administration, advisors want to deliver positive outcomes for clients. Clients become irritated when responses are slow or off target, and when asked repeatedly to provide the same information.  

The impact on client satisfaction, revenues, client churn and advisor attrition can be profound.

Advisor workstation wealth management


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