WealthTech Talks: Enhancing the adviser-client relationship with technology

Earlier in 2020, The Wealth Mosaic spoke to a select group of executives from leading wealth management firms in Switzerland to collate and understand their views on how technology can enhance the relationships between the advisers and client. 

Their views were collected on the client-adviser relationship through the different stages of the client lifecycle from the client discovery and prospecting stage, through to onboarding and into the relationship management stage. 

Specifically, views and experiences were sought on aspects such as:

  • The state of play today and the challenges and pain points faced
  • The multiple opportunities they see from the deployment of new technologies and tools
  • Their current development activities and thinking where to improve in each area and we will consider what is working and what might be best practice to improve the client-adviser relationship with technology and other means.

In this webinar, the main findings of the research will be highlighted as well as where this group of Swiss wealth management executives see the role of technology today and into the future enhancing the adviser-client relationship. 

With the backdrop of COVID-19 through 2020 forcing new ways of working and new speed of adoption, the role and advantage of technology has been widely embraced, The Wealth Mosaic will talk to guests about where technology can make the biggest impact in the adviser-client relationship, where it is being deployed now and to what effect, where are the easy wins and what the broader future holds for an enhanced and technology-enabled adviser-client relationship in wealth management.


Francois de Lescure – MD of Southern Europe, Wealth Dynamix
Christian Gmünder – Head of Private Client Ops & Services, Vontobel
Loïc Paquotte – Director, Chappuis Halder
Cyril Bouchu – Principal – Managing Director, Decisive

All webinar registrants will get exclusive early access to the white paper before its official release.


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