Video: Empowering the Relationship Manager – Their Role in the Future of Wealth Management in Asia

When 84% of Asian wealth management Relationship Managers tell you they’re working reactively to clients needs, and 72% of their relationships are average, below par or awful, it’s time to act fast.

In our latest research report the majority of respondents believe wealth management will always remain a people-to-people business, and technology will support and empower relationship managers, not replace them.

89% stated that a more process-driven, disciplined and structured Client Lifecycle Management system would attract new clients.

80% expect Asia’s private wealth accumulation to outstrip other regions in the world, and 87% believe that the Asian wealth management market will grow rapidly.

The opportunities are immense.

Download your research report now and find out how Relationship Managers can be equipped to take centre stage, back where they belong.

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Is Hybrid Servicing the next big thing in WealthTech?

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