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According to ‘’, the online matching service for HNWIs and wealth management firms, the main reason given for investors switching provider since the COVID-19 pandemic began is lack of communication. Many clients had heard nothing from their wealth manager for months, prior to receiving an impersonal letter informing them that their valuations had dropped by 10% or more.

In a recent webinar we joined forces with ClickDimensions to discuss how wealth managers can combine marketing automation with CRM systems to communicate with clients more effectively.

5 winning ways to optimise engagement:


1. Capture and cleanse client and prospect data

In the absence of in-person client meetings, the first vital step is to capture all of the information that would normally be gathered face-to-face, directly into the CRM. Prospect data is best collected via engaging surveys and forms, backed by useful content. Data should undergo basic cleansing, to avoid clumsy salutation mishaps and non-delivery, and it must be maintained over time to ensure accuracy.

2. Treat everyone as a unique individual

Prospects and clients are easily deterred when they are sent product information not related to their needs, or they receive market updates that are inconsistent with their attitude to risk. HNWIs expect their relationship manager to know better. Granular segmentation is the key to hyper-personalisation, which involves developing a detailed understanding of every individual’s wants and needs, and providing them with communications that are supremely relevant. It is depth of insight that differentiates hyper-personalisation from mass customisation, which simply inserts a person’s name, or other basic information, into a uniform communication. Hyper-personalisation relies on detailed data to deliver results, which reinforces the need to capture as much data as possible during initial fact-finds.

3. Choose communication channels wisely

Understanding which communication channels are preferred, by each and every individual, is essential for achieving high levels of engagement. Marketing tactics must extend beyond sending emails or letters, which are less likely to resonate with tech-savvy millennials than communications shared via online, mobile and social channels.

4. Apply advanced analytics and profiling for priority setting

Wealth managers run the risk of drowning in data, given the volume and breadth of information being captured. Artificial intelligence is delivering impressive results, extracting signals from the noise, to provide relationship managers with timely and reliable next best action insights. From a prospecting and marketing automation perspective, carefully planned schemas for engagement scoring can enable behavioural analysis and help prioritise the most engaged individuals, for onward nurture campaigns. In addition to assigning positive scores for actions such as opening an email, clicking a link, touring a website or completing a survey, negative scores should be assigned to those who visit the careers page of a website, for example. In doing so, follow up focuses on providing the most engaged clients and prospects with the kind of content they are most likely to respond to, rather than wasting time pursuing job hunters.

5. Integrate Marketing and the Front Office, for a 360-degree view

Your CRM contains a golden source of knowledge about clients’ requirements, preferences and interests. All too often, central marketing teams use standalone marketing automation platforms that are inaccessible to relationship managers and isolated from the CRM, which affects your ability to achieve hyper-personalisation. Furthermore, clients may enquire about a marketing email that the relationship manager hasn’t seen, which can appear disjointed and delay deal progression. By fully-integrating marketing automation systems with your CRM, both marketers and relationship managers gain a 360-degree of the client, and revenue generation opportunities are maximised across the entire client lifecycle. 

Wealth managers who take these steps will increase Return on Investment (ROI) by gaining full oversight of all prospecting activities, understanding the effectiveness of each campaign, knowing the source of each lead, and understanding which tactics are most effective in converting prospects into revenue-generating clients. 

To learn more about how Wealth Dynamix and ClickDimensions work together to achieve operational efficiencies for private banks, wealth and asset managers, contact us at 



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