Empowering Management Teams

Monitor, review and pinpoint areas for improvement in business performance and operational efficiency to reduce costs or increase revenue


How can business managers be assured that all new opportunities, emerging bottlenecks and rising risks are fully visible, and there is one place to go for real-time analysis?

What prevents managers from improving business performance?

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Pressure on cost-to-income ratio

Without easy access to all business activity reports, both administrative and revenue-generating, it is difficult for managers to monitor performance and identify which operational elements need fine-tuning to reduce costs or increase revenues.

Unreliable revenue forecasts

When data relating to lead pipelines and client books is stored in disparate, unconnected systems, gaining a complete and accurate overview of upcoming business, including likelihood of success and close dates. is challenging and time consuming.

Poor visibility across the client lifecycle

Satisfaction levels can vary throughout the client lifecycle, as prospects transition into onboarding and become clients. Without data to inform client sentiment and generate conversion metrics, managers are unable to identify broken processes and initiate improvements.

How Wealth Dynamix helps

360-degree oversight

Role-based graphical dashboards provide business managers with all-encompassing oversight across all phases of the client lifecycle. Bottlenecks are identified and removed as soon as they arise, either by reallocating resources or revising processes that are inhibiting progress.

Robust performance monitoring

Managers can monitor results over time to identify high and low-performing individuals, teams, departments and phases in the client lifecycle. The work practices of top performing units can be analysed to train others in best practice techniques, to increase efficiency and revenues.

Operational efficiency improvements

With complete oversight of all activities, managers can identify areas of the business that are proving costly or have become inefficient. Once detected, analysis can be undertaken to determine how wasted time and money can be eliminated.

Management | wealth managers

Solving CLM challenges across teams and departments


Introducing the ten-fold benefits of an end-to-end CLM solution purpose-built for wealth managers by WealthTech experts.

Our pioneering and transformative CLM processes using applications of data modelling, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis are just as innovative today as they were when we launched more than 10 years ago.

Discover why the world’s most successful private banks and wealth management firms choose Wealth Dynamix to deliver operational efficiencies along with exceptional levels of client management and servicing along the entire client lifecycle.

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