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Digitise the entire end-to-end experience & drive better data quality and integration with our ROI-proven CLM solutions


How can IT increase process efficiency and facilitate exceptional client service through digitisation and automation?

What prevents IT from delivering technology-enabled solutions?

IT | wealth management

Decentralised data silos

When client data is stored in disparate and unconnected repositories, relationship managers must log in to numerous systems to gather client data into a meaningful form. More time is spent locating data than on analysis, recommendations and advice.

Lack of compliance oversight

With increased responsibility for elements of compliance, especially in relation to information governance and data protection, IT teams need complete oversight of all relevant data and activities to monitor performance against compliance obligations effectively.

Insufficient innovation

Whether innovation is hindered through lack of appetite internally, resistance to change or sheer scale and cost, failure to keep pace with technology change and embrace innovation is one of the biggest threats to competitive advantage, client retention and talent acquisition.

How Wealth Dynamix helps

Improved data management

By creating and maintaining a single repository for all client data, and re-using it throughout the client lifecycle, data is managed in an efficient, accurate and compliant way. For advisors, the data capture process becomes seamless. For clients, who are asked to provide data just once, the experience is seamless and satisfying.

More efficient infrastructure

Choose between a highly customisable, on-premise solution or an out-of-the-box cloud-based alternative. You can deploy the solution that best suits your infrastructure requirements and budget, with no compromise to integration capabilities and user experience.

More satisfied users

Advisors must focus on achieving profitable outcomes for both clients and their firm. Clients want seamless access to valuations and effortless administration. Neither wants to be challenged by technology. Easy-to-use graphical interfaces, driven by data and automated workflows, generate fewer complaints and calls for technical support.

Wealth Dynamix can improve operational efficiency within your wealth management firm

Solving CLM challenges across teams and departments


Introducing the ten-fold benefits of an end-to-end CLM solution purpose-built for wealth managers by WealthTech experts.

Our pioneering and transformative CLM processes using applications of data modelling, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis are just as innovative today as they were when we launched more than 10 years ago.

Discover why the world’s most successful private banks and wealth management firms choose Wealth Dynamix to deliver operational efficiencies along with exceptional levels of client management and servicing along the entire client lifecycle.

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