Whitepaper: Seizing the Opportunities for NextGen Wealth Management in Asia

In Hubbis latest Digital Dialogue discussion, a panel of hand-picked wealth management experts focused their attention on the needs and expectations of the next generations of Asia’s private clients.

They debated how the private banks and independent wealth management providers can tailor their offerings and their approaches to retain and/or attract those clients, and how they can maximise the opportunities ahead, for those clients and for their own wealth management businesses.

With many trillions of dollars of wealth due to change hands in the coming decades from the founder generations and to the second and third generations, and with so many of the younger generations also building their own businesses, or planning to do so, the wealth management community must grasp the opportunity to forward their activities and their propositions.

From this whitepaper you can learn:

  • Why do Asia’s NextGens represent such an important market potential for Asia’s wealth management community
  • What assistance or advice can you give to the older generation to help them involve the next gen in financial discussions?
  • How do the needs and expectations of these NextGens differ from the founder and even second-generation wealthy clients in Asia?
  • What can wealth managers do to reach out to, connect to and win over these NextGen clients?
  • How does the wealth management industry help deliver on the issues of sustainability and ESG-centricity that appears so important for the NextGens?
  • and more

Download the whitepaper now to understand what are the major opportunities ahead in working with the NextGen clients of Asia, and how can the Asian and global wealth management industry provide them with laser-targeted advice, products, and solutions. 

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