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Wealth management and Formula One racing teams have much in common. Both rely heavily on data to drive critical decisions and continuous improvement.

Winning requires detail, accuracy, and tight co-ordination.

Even the best drivers struggle without the right technology, the insights to guide them, and the real time communication from a highly performing team.

In wealth management terms, it’s not possible to synchronise everyone when there are multiple, siloed systems, each containing vast quantities of data.

Relationship managers undertake too many repetitive admin tasks, when they could be deepening relationships, acquiring new clients and growing revenue.

What’s needed is a solution that provides clarity. A solution that increases productivity and differentiates you from your competition. A solution that enables you to deliver a winning service to your valued clients.

CLMi from Wealth Dynamix is a simple, innovative, client lifecycle management SaaS solution. It enables end-to-end client management, from the initial engagement and acquisition, through onboarding, to ongoing relationship management.

All processes are aided by intelligent automation, meaning data is captured only once and shared with everyone who needs it.

Tailored feeds suggest the next best action and drive proactive client engagement.

With a single client view spanning the whole organisation, just like an F1 team, everyone knows what’s happening and what they need to do to perform.

Relationship managers make better decisions, faster.

And the quality and personalisation of service is enhanced, strengthening customer loyalty.

By driving down operational costs and increasing revenue, CLMi helps to optimise cost to income ratios.

At every stage of the process regulatory compliance is assured with event-driven checks that are automatically triggered, completed and executed, enabling your relationship managers to focus on what they do best.

CLMi from Wealth Dynamix enables your organisation to be truly client centric. It’s a tool that everyone will want to use, every day.

With no lengthy implementation you’ll be in pole position in no time.


Wealth Dynamix delivers Client Lifecycle Management solutions to the world’s leading private banks and wealth and asset management firms.


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At Wealth Dynamix, we believe a hybrid client servicing model offers the optimal solution – it is efficient, effective, and can support compliance.  

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