TWM WealthTech 2022 Report

There is no doubt that digitisation is here to stay. Clients now demand it as standard.
As such, wealth managers need to offer clients the choice of channels. Digital offerings need to be function-rich, have a quality design and be user-friendly. It is no longer enough to pay lip service to all that is digital.

However, wealth managers certainly seem to have taken note, and the tide is turning. There is less reticence to invest and more positivity around identifying the building blocks that come together to make a robust digital proposition.   

In practice, this means that wealth managers need to go back to basics, identify the parts of the whole, and invest accordingly for long-term strategic success.  

As a solution provider with a background in wealth management, we expect that investing in the Cloud and SaaS will be fundamental. We would be very surprised if a cloud strategy were not a key part of things as we advance this year; it solves so many issues and supports so many possibilities. Once firms realise its potential, they will try it in one area and expand outwards as its benefits become apparent. 

Learn more about this from our extract from the report and find out:  

  • How wealth managers can tackle these focus areas 
  • What the industry’s strength and weaknesses are in its use of technology 
  • What the main challenges wealth managers face 
  • What the main building blocks are for any wealth management firm to make the most of technology available to them 
  • How Wealth Dynamix can support wealth management firms in this area  

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Wealth Dynamix

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Wealth Dynamix delivers Client Lifecycle Management solutions to the world’s leading private banks and wealth and asset management firms.


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