Webinar: Battle for Budget – Client Experience vs Operational Efficiency

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wealth Dynamix, Synpulse and The Rudin Group invite you to witness the ultimate battle as Client Experience takes on Operational Efficiency for the title of No. 1 Wealth Management Technology Investment.

Some background to this bout:

While wealth managers always have (and always will) invest in technology aimed at improving the cost-income ratio, in recent years they’ve also channeled significant effort and expenditure into client-facing technologies to digitize and improve the client experience. And rightly so, 85% of HNWI’s want more digital interaction from their wealth manager.

But have relationship managers been overlooked in the drive to achieve digital transformation, despite their critical role in engaging and retaining clients? Around 20% of a relationship manager’s time is spent on repetitive, manual administration tasks. There are plenty of opportunities to invest in automation technology, achieve operational efficiency and redirect their time towards revenue creating, value-added tasks.

Who will win the battle for the budget: established champion Operational Efficiency or young pretender Client Experience? There’s only one way to find out.

Let’s get ready to rumble…

  • In the orange corner, consulting champion Synpulse, represented by Associate Partner, Damon C. Gatison, who will prove why Client Experience should be the number one focus for wealth managers to achieve a competitive edge and increase their share of wallet.
  • In the green corner, leading client lifecycle management (CLM) provider Wealth Dynamix, represented by MD – EMEA & Americas, Antony Bream, who will fight the corner for Operational Efficiency and explain why investing in tools to support the vital role played by advisors in boosting satisfaction and growing AUM will maximize the retention of both staff and clients.

We’re delighted to welcome the incomparable April Rudin, wealth management industry expert and leading social influencer, to referee and ensure a clean debate for the title.



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