Global expansion and product innovation cap seventh growth year in a row for Wealth Dynamix

Wealth Dynamix, a global leader in Client Lifecycle Management(CLM) solutions, has announced its seventh successive year of growth.


London, UK, November 6, 2019 – Wealth Dynamix, a global leader in Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, has announced its seventh successive year of growth, in which the firm has expanded into new markets, invested in new talent, won major new clients and delivered innovative updates to help wealth managers perform more effectively.

Wealth Dynamix is well positioned to drive growth into its next financial year, having just signed a major new global French financial institution and two private banks in the UK and Geneva.

The CLM leader expanded across North America, Europe and Asia in 2019, opening new offices and hiring exceptional talent. Dominic Gamble continues to drive expansion in APAC bringing with him two decades’ worth of experience in wealth management and a fast-growing team.

The talent acquisition spree didn’t end there, with Antony Bream arriving to drive further growth on either side of the Atlantic as MD for the UK and Americas, and industry veterans Natalie Levine and Lucy Heavens taking the reins as Chief Technology Officer and Head of Marketing respectively.

A darkened image showing an open laptop with code on the screen with airpods on the desk next to it

Technology lies at the heart of Wealth Dynamix’s success, and the WDX1 CLM Platform launched this year to offer customers the first true Client Lifecycle Management solution on the market. Several major UK and European wealth management firms are already leveraging its modular architecture and close integration with Microsoft to help manage an increasingly demanding regulatory climate, more sophisticated clients and complex digital and legacy integration challenges.

“Wealth managers are under tremendous cost, time and regulatory pressures. They’re being let down by existing technology solutions that are poorly integrated and too reliant on legacy platforms and internal IT teams struggling to keep up with change. This creates siloed user journeys which can impair the customer experience and results in key staff spending too long managing important regulatory and client data processes manually on outdated systems, rather than finding new clients and managing existing ones better,” says Wealth Dynamix CEO Gary Linieres.

“Wealth Dynamix is the only genuine CLM provider out there — combining prospect management, client on-boarding and CRM in a single solution that can leverage existing legacy systems whilst providing an innovative, independent offering that is delivered on the world leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform.”

“For modern wealth managers automation technology is key to minimising operational overheads and empowering staff to create additional value. Wealth Dynamix will continue to further develop its industry leading platform in 2020 with a focus on digital engagement, allowing clients to self-service remotely and delivering explainable artificial intelligence (AI) for staff to help them better engage their clients and prospects at the right time and with the right content.”


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