Combining digital signatures with intelligent client lifecycle management technology

Are physical documents disrupting your digital flow?

A true client lifecycle management (CLM) solution underpins every stage of the client journey, tying together initial acquisition, engagement, onboarding and compliance through to ongoing relationship management and client servicing.

The popularity of digital signatures in wealth management has rocketed in recent years due to its effectiveness in cutting time, cost and friction out of the signatory process.

Digital signatures should be a key feature throughout your client lifecycle. The resources below will be valuable for anyone considering their digital transformation strategy and interested in integrating digital signatures with CLM solutions.

Client engagement. Onboarding. Servicing. Relationship management. Compliance. Get the e-book to see how CLM tech supports wealth managers and improves client experience.

Understand the value of digital signatures at every stage of the client lifecycle when integrated with an end-to-end CLM solution – open the blog.

What does CLM + digital signatures look like? Watch the video to visualise the day-to-day impact it has for your advisors and clients.

Interested in CLM and digital signature integration?

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About Wealth Dynamix

Wealth Dynamix provides industry-leading solutions for wealth management and private banking firms to orchestrate every stage of the client lifecycle, from early engagement, to onboarding, to ongoing relationship management and client servicing. We bring together intelligent data management, smart automation and domain expertise to enable teams to deliver next-level client service while simultaneously lowering operational costs.

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